Are You Interested in Permanent Tooth Replacement?

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Did you know that dental implants offer long-lasting replacement for a missing tooth? Our team is excited to talk about using dental implants for permanent tooth replacement!

Dental implants can be an excellent choice for tooth replacement because they are one of the most efficient ways to replace missing teeth in the long term. Tooth replacement is a vital endeavor because it prevents the loss of bone in your jaw when there is no longer a tooth to fuse with. Dental implants replace the roots and crowns of missing or extracted teeth so that your smile has the stability and beautiful appearance it needs.

At Lawrence Periodontics, LLC, we use titanium to create dental implants because it is very biocompatible and fuses with the natural bone tissue after placement. This creates a strong anchor for both your smile as a whole and the dental restoration that will attach to the implant.

Once the bone has fully fused around the dental implant, Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton will attach the custom-made dental crown that completes the implant process. Once you have received your dental crown, your new dental implant is ready.

We want you to feel welcome to give our office a call at 785-312-3820 if you have any questions about dental implants and permanent tooth replacement in Lawrence, Kansas. Contact us today if you are tired of missing teeth and would like to schedule an implant consultation with our experienced dentist.