Do I Need a Bone Graft?

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When your oral health gets to a certain bad point, you may end up being be faced with quite a few different procedure choices to help bring your oral health back to where it should be. One of the procedures you may have to undergo is a bone graft.

Most patients don’t know what this process entails until they’re about to undergo it. That’s not the best way to go into a serious dental procedure. So today, we’ll take a look at what a bone graft is, to help you learn what you need to about this procedure.

What is it?
A bone graft procedure is pretty straightforward. Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton and the team at Lawrence Periodontics, LLC in Lawrence, Kansas will first assess what areas of your jaw need more bone in order to support whatever work you’re having done. Then, extra bone is either taken from elsewhere in your body, or a synthetic graft material is used. It takes a few months for the grafting to take hold and create more strong bone, but the end result is worth the wait.

Why would I need it?
We get asked a lot why you’d ever need a bone graft – especially in your jaw. The most common reason we perform these grafts is due to the poor jaw health of patients who are in need of dental implants. These implants require a sturdy, healthy jaw that can handle a titanium implant. If your jaw health isn’t up to par, you’ll need a bone graft or choose a different way to replace lost teeth.

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