Pregnancy Gingivitis

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You’re into your second month of pregnancy and everything is going well. Your pregnancy weight is healthy, you are getting regular exercise, and you keep all of your prenatal checkups. Everything may seem like it’s going just right, but have you gone to the dentist lately? If not, your baby’s health may be at risk.


Nearly half of all Americans have some form of gum disease, but as a pregnant woman, your chances of developing gum disease increase. Pregnancy brings with a host of changes to your body, including hormonal changes. These hormonal fluctuations can lead to an increased amount of progesterone, which can make it easier for certain disease-causing bacteria to flourish in your mouth.


As a result of increased progesterone and the fluctuation of other hormones, pregnant women commonly develop gingivitis during their pregnancy, a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. If you develop pregnancy gingivitis and it goes untreated, your baby could be at risk of being born pre-term or having a low birth weight. Pre-term babies also have an increased risk of developing respiratory problems, hearing or vision loss, or digestive issues.


If you are pregnant, don’t be worried. Pregnancy gingivitis occurs in about 40% of pregnant women. This condition is completely preventable with consistent and thorough oral hygiene, and by regularly visiting your dentist. If you do develop pregnancy gingivitis, our periodontist at Lawrence Periodontics, LLC offers a variety of safe treatments that can help get rid of harmful bacteria and protect your and your baby’s health.


If you are pregnant, and if you notice that your gums are becoming inflamed or sore, or if they tend to bleed easily, we encourage you to call 785-312-3820 and set up your appointment with our periodontist . Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton and his team are here to help ensure that your pregnancy goes smoothly.