Do you suffer from gums that appear too large, and cover up a great deal of the surface of your tooth? Are you self-conscious about smiling because your gum line is uneven? Our periodontist , Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton and the team at Lawrence Periodontics, LLC can give you a smile that you will be proud to show off with esthetic crown lengthening in Lawrence, Kansas. If you are ready to accessorize your smile with healthy and attractive gums, call 785-312-3820 today to schedule your appointment.

A “gummy” or uneven gum line can result in the teeth appearing to be too short. Crown lengthening, or exposing more of the tooth structure, can be done on a single tooth, but often times involves most of the visible teeth. It requires the removal of excess gum tissue to achieve a better length-to-width ratio. In order to make the changes permanent, bone must also often be removed. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia utilizing a scalpel or laser to remove soft tissue followed by recontouring of the bone. The discomfort and recovery time is typically minimal. Depending on the starting point, these changes can be subtle or very dramatic leading to a much more attractive smile.