Lost teeth can do more than affect your appearance. When a tooth is lost or extracted, the jaw will begin to lose mass in that area. A healthy jawbone is necessary if you are planning to replace your missing teeth with dental implants. To restore the structure of your jaw and to prepare you for implant surgery, Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton can perform and esthetic ridge augmentation in Lawrence, Kansas. If you are concerned about the function of your jaw, or are considering dental implants, contact Lawrence Periodontics, LLC in Lawrence, Kansas, for an exam and consultation today.

The addition of bone and/or soft tissue can also be used to fill in areas where teeth have been removed. Often times, the bone that supported the missing tooth (or teeth) is also lost, resulting in depressions in the height or thickness of the gum ridge. Bone and soft tissue can be widened and elevated in order to support dental implants or to make the contours of a bridge more esthetic.