Your smile is often then first thing that someone notices about you. And even if you have minor cosmetic flaws in your smile, you may be very aware of them, and that awareness may make you feel uncomfortable in professional or social settings. If your lips or gums are discolored, Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton can help with tissue de-pigmentation in Lawrence, Kansas. If you would like to know more, call Lawrence Periodontics, LLC today at 785-312-3820 to plan your visit.

The color of your lips and gums can be addressed with periodontal plastic surgery is that of eliminating darkly pigmented gingiva. A dental laser can be utilized to remove highly pigmented gum tissue. It can also be used to ablate or “shrink up” purple colored blood vessels on the lips called hemangiomas. This quick and relatively simple procedure can eliminate these unusually colored lesions.