If you need to replace a single tooth, dental implants are a great option. Dental implants replace the tooth without requiring any support from the neighboring teeth, providing you with a natural-looking smile and a restoration that looks, feels, and functions just like your original tooth. To learn more about single-tooth replacement with dental implants in Lawrence, Kansas, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton, please contact Lawrence Periodontics, LLC at 785-312-3820.

You may require as many as four appointments to complete your implant treatment. During these appointments, our periodontist will prepare your mouth for treatment, surgically place the implant post, and place a crown (or other restoration) atop the implant post. Your crown is designed to fit your smile comfortably and provide beautiful results as well as improve your oral health and function.

With a single-tooth implant replacement, all the components of your restoration are installed as a single unit, giving you a fully functional smile, a shorter treatment time, and a more comfortable treatment with beautiful results. As long as you are practicing good oral hygiene, you can enjoy the benefits of your implant supported tooth throughout your entire life.

For more information about dental implants and single tooth replacements, call our practice today.