Lawrence Periodontics, LLC uses a perioscope to provide non-surgical treatment for gum disease. This technology allows our periodontist to examine below the gum tissues without surgically lifting the tissue, providing you with a much less invasive treatment overall. We welcome you to call us at 785-312-3820 for more information about perioscopy in Lawrence, Kansas, and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton.

Perioscopy uses a 48-power endodontic camera to visualize the root surfaces below the gums. Traditional scaling and root planing treatments are completed by literally feeling for the abnormalities and deposits on the root surface. With perioscopy, our doctor can see and examine the tooth structure under the gums for cavities, fractures, and other abnormalities on the surface of the roots without ever needing to surgically lift the gums.

Perioscopy takes twice as long to complete as a traditional scaling and root planing procedure, but it also helps you avoid surgical treatments in the future by giving you a minimally invasive and more comfortable treatment now. This procedure is also much more predictable, giving you more accurate results and a more efficient overall treatment.

To learn more about perioscopy and to set up your appointment with our experienced periodontist, please contact our office today.