The Basics of Bone Grafting

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Have you ever heard of bone grafting? Want to learn more about it? You’ve come to the right place. Our team at Lawrence Periodontics, LLC in Lawrence, Kansas, is happy to talk to you about bone grafting and how it might help you.

Do you suffer from jawbone loss? If so, you may need a bone graft. A bone graft will restore the jaw to its former strength and glory. How does it work? Well, Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton will careful splice bone material onto your jaw to reinforce its power. This can come either from another part of your body (without causing unneeded damage or deterioration) or a tissue bank.

Bone loss can occur in multiple ways. Gum disease can lead to bone loss if left untreated. When you let gum disease go untreated for too long, then you could suffer from tooth loss, leaving the hole in your gumline. This can cause your bone to deteriorate over time. In order for a dental implant to keep its hold in your mouth, it needs a strong jaw. That is why a bone grafting procedure may be essential to reestablish a missing tooth.

Do you have questions? Do you wonder if bone grafting is right for you? Just call 785-312-3820 to set up an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton. Our friendly and professional team takes pride in quality care. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.