The Basics of Periodontics

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What is a periodontist? A periodontist is a specialist who has completed dental school and three years of additional training specifically focusing on the periodontal disease. Periodontists may also install dental implants, treat gum inflammation, and perform cosmetic periodontal procedures.

If you have early-stage gum disease or gingivitis, you may find that suitable treatment from a general dentist is enough. If your disease has progressed, however, or if your dental or medical history is rather complex, a periodontist may be required.

Periodontists like Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton are trained in a broad range of periodontal treatments. For example, one common treatment is scaling and root planing, wherein we will clean your infected teeth roots. Another treatment is root surface debridement, in which diseased gum tissue is removed. A periodontist may execute procedures to strengthen a jawbone that has been weakened or may replace teeth that have been lost in the disease with dental implants.

Here’s how your first visit may go: our team will first evaluate your medical and dental history. Then Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton and our team will examine your gums for periodontal pockets, look for gum recession, test your bite, and check for any loose teeth. We will also take x-rays to assess the state of your jawbone and teeth.

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