Which Is Better for Your Teeth, Plain Water or Sparkling Water?

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As part of healthier resolutions for the year, quite a few folks have decided to replace their sugary sodas and sports drinks with more healthy versions. One of the more popular alternatives is sparkling water, which offers a little more oomph than plain water. Our Lawrence Periodontics, LLC team is happy to review the consensus on which is better for your teeth, plain water or sparkling water.

So, essentially carbonated beverages typically come with higher acid levels, which tends to weaken tooth enamel and allows cavities to make their entrance.

But according to research that was performed on donated teeth that were already removed, asking the question, does sparkling water attack tooth enamel more than just normal lab water? The answer was surprisingly, no! Basically, both had the same effects on tooth enamel, meaning that the acid levels in the sparkling water were no more harmful than regular water.

What does this mean for you? If you find plain water unsatisfying, you can drink sparkling water since it is safe to drink. But this goes for plain sparkling water only, if you are wondering whether citrus flavored sparkling water raises acid levels, then yes, they are more harmful. You can somewhat mitigate the effects by drinking it at one go instead of spreading it out all day long or drinking it with a meal to help neutralize the acids.

When looking for the beverage of choice to maintain tooth enamel and a healthy smile, you can’t go wrong with just plain water. In fact, tap water with fluoride in it helps fight cavities.

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